The end has arrived…

October 8th, 2016 • Posted in News |

armageddonThe end of the Rage War trilogy is upon us.  Alien Vs Predator: Armageddon was released last week.  If you don’t yet have a copy you can find details on the book page here.

The Rage launch the ultimate assault on the Human Sphere. Their greatest weapons are the most fearsome creatures in the galaxy the Xenomorphs.
Having fled centuries before, the Rage return to take revenge and claim the planet for their own. Now, through a deal struck with the unlikeliest of allies, the human race may rely on the Predators to ensure mankind s ultimate freedom. Yet even the combined might of the two races may not be enough. The fate of the Earth may rest with a single android, Liliya of the Rage.

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5 comments on “The end has arrived…”

  1. Jonathan says:

    Do you have any plans for a follow up to the Rage War?

  2. Al Sauler says:

    Tim, thank you for such incredibly perceptive writing! I’ve just finished book 3
    Armageddon, just GREAT stuff! I honestly hope your able to proceed to the
    next series of “Alien vs Predator” movies, someone needs to turn your books
    into movies!
    All the best, A SAULER.

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    No plans for a follow-up as yet, no.

    And thanks! I seriously doubt they’ll use these books for movies.

    But they should let me write Alien 5 🙂

  4. Thomas says:

    Great trilogy! I just finished it again. I got all 3 books from audible. Some of the best “Alien” books I’ve read.

  5. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Thomas!

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