The Silence – more casting news

August 30th, 2017 • Posted in News |

 Here’s some more really exciting casting news about the forthcoming movie of The Silence!  Shooting is scheduled to begin in September, so there’ll be more soon.  Meanwhile, why not pick up the book so you can read it before the movie’s out?





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News round

August 28th, 2017 • Posted in News |

There is now a newsletter delivered direct to your inbox with updates every so often.  If you would like to receive this then fill in the box over on the right hand side of the screen.

As mentioned below Dusk is now available as an ebook, details on the dedicated page here.  There will be more ebooks to follow.

Recently announced, and due out next year is an epic new fantasy novel, “Blood of the Four”, co-written with Christopher Golden and coming to you in hardcover from HarperVoyager next March!  More details to follow.

There is a new interview with Tim over at “The Novel Blog” which you can find here.

Tim’s short story, “Finding Mary”, will be available in “Visionary Tougue” coming soon from Newcon press.  The order page is here.

Finally if you are within striking distance of Bristol then Tim is a guest at the Bristol Horror Con on October 14th, all the details can be found on their website here.

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DUSK now available as an ebook

August 23rd, 2017 • Posted in Book News, Random Stuff |

The first book from the new incarnation of Dreaming in Fire press is out now, and it’s the British Fantasy Award-winning DUSK!

Here are the Amazon links. Please check it out:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Find out more on its dedicated book page.

I do hope you’ll pick this up! Please let me know what you think.

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Happy Birthday Tim

July 31st, 2017 • Posted in News |

Yes it’s that time of year again, when we stop Tim running, swimming, biking and writing to sit down and enjoy some cake.




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The Silence – Film news

June 29th, 2017 • Posted in Movie News |

The Silence is moving closer to the big screen.  John Leonetti is the director with Kiernan Shipka and Stanley Tucci set to star.

The film is currently in pre-production with principal photography set to start in September.

More details can be found over at by following the links here and here.

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Indigo – out now

June 26th, 2017 • Posted in Book News |

The mosaic novel – Indigo is out now. 

You can buy it in Hardcover from Amazon US, Amazon UK and The Book Depository


Investigative reporter Nora Hesper spends her nights cloaked in shadows. As Indigo, she’s become an urban myth, a brutal vigilante who can forge darkness into weapons and travel across the city by slipping from one patch of shadow to another. Her primary focus both as Nora and as Indigo has become a murderous criminal cult called the Children of Phonos. Children are being murdered in New York, and Nora is determined to make it stop, even if that means Indigo must eliminate every member. But in the aftermath of a bloody battle, a dying cultist makes claims that cause Indigo to question her own origin and memories.

Nora’s parents were killed when she was nineteen years old. She took the life insurance money and went off to explore the world, leading to her becoming a student of meditation and strange magic in a mountaintop monastery in Nepal…a history that many would realize sounds suspiciously like the origins of several comic book characters. As Nora starts to pick apart her memory, it begins to unravel. Her parents are dead, but the rest is a series of lies. Where did she get the power inside her?

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A Year of Challenges — half done!

June 18th, 2017 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Those who pop along here regularly will know that I do enjoy the occasional horrific challenge, such as an Ironman triathlon or running up and down mountains.  I do it for fun.

I also do it for charity, and this year I’m raising money for DKMS (Delete Blood Cancer) in memory of a dear family friend we lost last Christmas.  I’m aiming to raise £2,000, and I’m almost halfway there.

So, here’s what I’ve done so far…

I started off in January with a 50 mile bike ride.  It doesn’t sound much, but coming out of the winter it was hard, cold, and it got dark very early!  A tough one because of that.  Job done.

In February it was time to hit the trails for the Hoka One One trail half-marathon in Margam Park, South Wales.  A lovely race, the weather was nice, if a bit misty.  It’s by no means a PB course, with lots of climbing and muddy trails, but that’s the sort of running I love.

In March, I went off-piste a bit and undertook a mountain (almost) marathon.  Only 22 miles, but tough enough to warrant the term!  I undertook the local Monmouthshire 3 peaks, a 22 mile route taking in the Blorenge, Skirrid and Sugarloaf mountains.  It was really tough, but it was great doing something a little different, including navigating and carrying enough food and water for the whole challenge. I loved every minute of it, and hope to do it again soon.

April was a full month challenge, in which I rode 400 miles on the bike throughout the month.  I must admit, the final weekend was a long ride on Saturday, and then a 30 miler on Sunday to make up the miles!  Good fun, and good for my triathlon training.

And May was the first tri of the season, the epic Blaenafon Triathlon.  It’s the longest running triathlon in the UK (about 34 years now, I believe), and it’s renowned for being really, really hard.  The easy bit is the pool swim, then it’s on the bike for 28 miles of mountains roads.  Once off two wheels and onto two feet, it’s a 9 mile run all the way to the top of the Sugarloaf mountain and back down again.  A scorcher, painful, hard work, and damn right I’ll do it again next year!

June brought an easier, flatter triathlon, the brilliant Cotswolds 113.  It’s a half ironman, almost completely on the flat, and I was thrilled with a time of 5:27 (I’d aimed to go sub-5:30).  Great fun, and wonderful support from my friends in the might NEWT (Newport and East Wales Triathlon) club.

So that’s the first 6 months of my Year of Challenges done.  Looking to the future, the next six months will bring the Velothon Wales, the Brutal Half (a half ironman … with a run up and down Snowdon), as well as other events I have yet to decide upon.  But at least one of them will be a trail marathon to round off the year.

Here’s when I ask for your help.  I admit that I’m doing these events because I love them, but I’m also very keen to raise money for worthy causes. I’m still determined to raise £2,000 for DKMS, so if you’d be kind enough to donate you can visit my page here and do so.

Here I am, looking forward to giving you the full 12 month roundup at the end of the year!

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Bugs incoming

April 25th, 2017 • Posted in Book News |

They’re all around us, again.

Tim has a story called “Spite” in this all new Anthology featuring the Colonial Marines in bloody conflict with the deadly Aliens.  ALIENS: BUG HUNT will send the marines into deep space, to alien worlds, to derelict space settlements, and into the nests of the universe’s most dangerous monsters.

The book is out now and you can buy it in various formats from Amazon UKAmazon US or the Book Depository.

Tim also has the following stories due out during this year:-

“In Stone” his spookiest tale for sometime will be in “Dark Cities” which is due out on May 16th.  Preorder from Amazon UK or Amazon US

“Strings” in “Adam’s Ladder”, a science fiction anthology due from Dark Regions Press later this year.

Tim also contributed to the mosaic novel “Indigo” due out in June.  More details nearer the publication date.

Finally anyone who still has to pick up a copy of “Shifting of the Veils” can pick up an unsigned hardcover from PS Publishing for £2 if you are quick, from their discount website here.  Stocks will be limited.




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Relics Ebook sale

April 16th, 2017 • Posted in News |

Just a quick note that for at least today (Easter Sunday) the Relics ebook can be had for 99p from Amazon UK, and $1.23 from Amazon US.

Links can be found on the book page here.

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RELICS released

March 21st, 2017 • Posted in News |

Today sees the release of my new novel, Relics.  It’s got fantasy elements, and thriller/crime elements, but as far as I’m concerned it’s really a horror novel.  And as such it’s my first published horror novel since The Silence almost 2 years ago in 2015.

Relics is also my 41st published novel.

I had to look at that number for a while after I’d typed it.  41 novels.  Yes, some in collaboration (mainly with Christopher Golden), but the vast majority written on my own.

It’s also 20 years this September since my first novel, Mesmer, was published.

20 years … 41 novels … and yet in many ways I still feel like a ‘new’ writer.  Every book I see published fills me with glee, every new review is exciting, and every time my agent calls I get a tingle of anticipation.  Whenever I get a new deal, for a short story or novel (or a movie … watch this space!), for a moment it’s almost like the first one again.  I’d hate to lose that feeling.

So, I really hope you pick up and enjoy Relics (click title for ordering info).  Please let me know what you think.  You keep reading them and I’ll keep writing them!

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