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  • Dusk (Ki US only)(No)(So)

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  • Fallen (Ki US only)(No)(So)

  • The Island (Ap)(Ki)(Ko)(No)(No UK)(Wa)(So)

Jack London (with Chris Golden)

Hidden Cities (with Chris Golden)

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The following books are available through Venture Press:


A girl goes missing … the father gives up hope … but the mother never stops searching. Now, a year later and close to Hallowe’en, they have a chance to rescue their child. But to do so they must face something terrible.

Originally published in October Dreams from Cemetery Dance.

Kindle US

Kindle UK

   *  *  *

One morning, the world does not wake up. People lie dead in their beds, killed by their own nightmares. For the few remaining survivors, the new world is a confusing, terrifying place. The balance of nature has shifted … Mankind is not longer the dominant species. Blane is a man on his own in this world gone mad. He has no distant memories, only the vague certainty that something momentous has happened in his past. Fay is enigmatic, dangerous, a dark witch and a player of gruesome games. What roles will they play in nature’s new era? And will they be able to survive long enough to find out?

Kindle US

Kindle UK

“Beautifully written and mysterious.” – Richard Laymon

*  *  *

When a child is kidnapped, his father is given a bizarre task by the mysterious Keeper who has taken the child away: “Find me proof of love.” 

He soon discovers a hidden world of invisible people also searching for strange miracles for this monstrous Keeper … and some of them are mad. 

So mad that they will kill to find what they seek. 

Bonus short story ‘Reconstructing Amy’, winner of Bram Stoker Award and included in The Century’s Best Horror

Kindle US

Kindle UK

 “At the end, you are left with … an impression of a nightmare from which you have awakened and cannot totally shake.” – Dark Echo

*  *  *

A tale of Noreela… 

A mercenary should be allowed to quit. That’s what Jakk thinks. But his companions don’t want to quit. As Noreela’s awful Cataclysmic War ends they enter a valley that should not exist, see machines that should be dead, and interrupt something that should be left alone. There’s regret, but some actions can’t be undone. There’s hope, but it’s so obviously false. And there’s revenge. 

Exclusive bonus story ‘Forever’

Kindle US

Kindle UK

“Lebbon is a genuinely masterful writer … fresh ideas, shimmering prose, and often terrifying scenarios.” – Rue Morgue

 *   *   *

When the Mannequin Man falls in love with a sentient sex doll and rescues her from her pimp, the pimp sends his hi-tech soldiers after them. Pursued through a violent, dystopian future landscape, helping each other to survive, hope begins to grow that their burgeoning, forbidden love might have the power to make things better. 

Includes exclusive bonus story, ‘Dust’

Kindle US

Kindle UK

“Tim Lebbon displays the sort of cool irony and uncanny mood-making that drive the best ‘Twilight Zone’ stories.” – New York Times Book Review

*   *   *

Daniel is ten years old when his mother dies. She dies young, and with so much left to give. He does not understand. He cannot let her go.

After the funeral, his father begins talking to a large wooden box that suddenly appears beneath his bed. And when Daniel whispers to the box one day when his father goes out … it answers back.

It’s a voice he does not know. But this voice knows so much.

Includes exclusive bonus story, Discovering Ghosts

Kindle USA

Kindle UK

Winner of the British Fantasy Award, the original hardback novella from Humdrumming was only released in about 200 copies (100 of which I had to sell myself after Humdrumming went into liquidation), and the novella also appeared in my hardback collection Nothing as it Seems.  The bonus story Discovering Ghosts was also nominated for a British Fantasy Award, and together the novella and story are inspired by my reaction to my mother’s death.  Strikingly personal, painful to create, these are two of the best pieces I’ve ever written.

“With The Reach of Children, Lebbon has exceeded even his former astounding works.” – Horror World

“Lebbon has written one of the best and most emotionally convincing stories about death that I have ever read.” – Michael Marshall Smith

“Even if you haven’t lost a parent, or anyone truly close to you, REACH will give you a true sense of the kind of deep, unyielding sadness such an event brings. It’s a powerful book, and one that deserves to be read.” – Bookgasm

*   *   *

An apocalyptic vision from one woman’s damaged mind, this story is for anyone who has ever felt alone. A dark nightmare of solitude and rejection, pride and guilt, love found and lost. 

Mary exists alone in a valley, happy, surviving, but all too aware that the terrible dangers beyond her home must one day come home to roost. And that day is now. 

Includes exclusive bonus story, The God of Rain

Kindle USA

Kindle UK

Only ever available in hardback, until now! (originally in a collection from Cemetery Dance, also in my collection Nothing as it Seems).

“One of the most powerful new voices to come along in the genre … Lebbon’s work is infused with the contemporary realism of Stephen King and … the lyricism of Ray Bradbury.” –– Fangoria

*   *   * 

First comes the Ruin. Society crumbles. Then comes the snow. A handful of survivors flee to a Cornish mansion, seeking peace and safety. Instead they find themselves under siege from the things now inhabiting the snowscape outside … fleeting, terrifying things seen from the corner of the eye. 

And as the danger and horror builds, they come to learn that there are also enemies within.

Includes a bonus short story, Kissing at Shadows.

Kindle USA

Kindle UK

(More formats coming soon)

Winner of the British Fantasy Award and optioned for the big screen, White attracted some stellar reviews when it was first published by MOT Press in 2001, and people still talk about it now.  I can’t think of a better novella with which to launch Dreaming in Fire Press.

“A masterpiece of traditional horror, graced with nuggets of sex and splatter. I really can’t praise it enough. It shot me to pieces.” – D.F. Lewis

“a terrific, very scary novella.” – Ellen Datlow

“For those who have not yet sampled Lebbon’s doom-laden tales of cosmic consequence, this is a fine place to start.” – Peter Crowther

“… striking and innovative” – Nick Gevers, SF Site


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