#OfflineOctober Week Two

October 11th, 2016 • Posted in News |

Into my second week of no social media and … I’m not missing Facebook or Twitter at all.  I’m getting more work done — so far this month a short story written and accepted, a chapter on the new collaborative novel with Christopher Golden written, another chapter edited, and work on a new novel proposal moving forward really well!

Also, it’s been strange to realise how connected I was, even when I wasn’t actually online. When I walk the dog in our local woods, I’ll often reach for my phone to take a picture, thinking ‘Must post this when I get home’.  Now I still take those pictures but don’t post them.  I read news items and watch clips on YouTube without sharing them.  I watch new music videos without sharing them, too.  I know the concept of sharing is good, but sometimes it’s better to do stuff like this just for yourself.

I’m reading more, too.  Almost finished The Hidden People by Alison Littlewood, and it’s a brilliant novel.

So … #OfflineOctober might well extend to being #OfflineMidweek once this month is up, when I’m thinking of logging into FB and Twitter just for the weekend.  If at all.

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