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A message from Tim

We live in interesting times. With hundreds of millions of people in lockdown around the globe –– not yet in the UK, but I feel the time fast approaches –– I’ve made a load of my Kindle ebooks (backlist stuff I’ve self-published) FREE for 5 days. Just in case you’re at a loose end. Be warned: yes, I destroy the world in some of them. But in a fun way.

To access the list of free ebooks, either click the “Dreaming In Fire” section at the top of this page, or click the image below. Then click the cover to take you to the kindle store.

If you are from the UK then you can also buy the ebook of Tim’s new novel “Eden” before anyone else (and at a discounted price), just check out the post below.

Finally if you are visiting this website for the first time, please have a look around and leave us a comment or two, it’s always appreciated.

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