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Just in time for Halloween the collection After Sundown has been released. Featuring the new short story Research by Tim. Available in ebook, Paperback and Hardcover, you can pick it up from Amazon UK, Amazon US, or direct from the publisher.

The Studio of Screams has recently been released by PS Publishing. Available in hardcover, or signed limited hardcover. This is a collection of stories based on films that never existed. Tim’s entry is Castle of the Lost.

The fourth original novel from the much-loved space western Firefly, produced with Joss Whedon as consulting editor, set between the TV series and the movie Serenity.

A mysterious star map

On an Outer Rim moon, Captain Malcolm Reynolds ends a card game the lucky winner of an old map covered in mysterious symbols. The former owner insists it’s worthless; back on Serenity, River Tam is able to interpret it.

An ancient legend

River claims the map points the way to one of the Arks: legendary generation ships that brought humans from Earth-That-Was to the ’Verse. The salvage potential alone is staggering.

A drifting relic

As the crew approach the aged floating ship, they find it isn’t quite as dead as it first seemed. The closer they get, the more agitated River becomes. She claims something is waiting on board, something powerful, and very angry….

Firefly Generations is due for release in early November in Hardcover, ebook and audiobook. Pre-order now from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Next up two Kindle only releases.

Edgar Allan Poe’s death remains a mystery even today. There are many theories as to what killed him. Some people believe Poe’s death was caused by suicide, some believe murder, others consider cholera to be the leading factor, or hypoglycaemia, rabies, syphilis and even influenza. Whatever happened to him, Poe was found in a delirious state and wearing clothes believed to be belonging to someone else. In the days before his death, he was heard to be calling out for Reynolds, a man to which no one knew of Poe’s connection.

This book does not tell you the truth in what happened to Poe. That will remain, forever, a mystery.

What this book does is bring together some of the biggest names in horror – from the mind behind the horror anthologies Masters Of Horror and NEXT DOOR – to tell THEIR version of what happened to Poe in his final moments.

Review over at the Ginger Nuts of Horror site, available from Amazon UK and Amazon US

It Came From the Darkness is a unique collection of drabbles (stories of 100 words exactly) and artwork, compiled by Red Cape Publishing and Philip Rogers 101 PR in aid of the Max the Brave Fund. A huge number of horror writers, poets, artists, and film makers have come together to support the cause and offer the reader something special. Each piece of writing begins with the same five words, but the stories themselves are all wonderfully varied. So dig in, take each tale one bloody bite at a time, and beware of what comes from the darkness.

Due for release on October 30th, and available to pre-order from Amazon UK, and Amazon US

The Silence signed Limited Edition, featuring three brand new short stories is still available from SST Publications. While Eden is out in all good book stores, and online, visit the book page here to track down a copy.

Finally for all Tim’s German fans, or collectors of fine books, Beserk is coming out in German from Bucheim Verlag.

  • BERSERK by Tim Lebbon will be released on November 30, 2020 and can be pre-ordered now.
  • Volume 8 of the #CemeteryDanceGermany series
  • – strictly limited to 999 hand numbered copies
  • – newly illustrated by Vincent Chong
  • – signed by author and illustrator.
  • – Foreword by Edward Lee
  • – Bonus of the original limited edition
  • For more information and to pre-order click here.

Tom Roberts’ son died in an army accident… they say. But his coffin is empty. Monsters don’t exist… they say. But as Tom travels to his son’s alleged resting place, he finds a mass grave with bodies far from human. No heads, bestial mutilated… and chained together. Death is the end… they say. But then one of these bodies – a little girl – reaches for his arm and everything changes. For death is not the end. Sometimes it’s also the beginning – the beginning of something terrible.

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