REVIEW: The Reach of Children

February 5th, 2009 • Posted in Reviews & Interviews |

The book itself is rarer than rocking horse shit, but it’s still nice to see such a glowing review of THE REACH OF CHILDREN.   I’m humbled and flattered by the great reaction this novella has been getting …. out of maybe 100 people who have a copy, I’ve probably had 40 emails telling me how much you’ve enjoyed it.  That means a lot, especially considering what the novella was all about and how personal it is to me.

One day it’ll see print again, but probably not for some time.

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2 comments on “REVIEW: The Reach of Children”

  1. Wes Southard says:

    Hey Tim, I loved The Reach of Children. After it was “released” I had to e-mail Hummdrumming because they forgot to ship me my copy, but I got mine and I cherish it. Hope it gets re-released sometime so more people can enjoy it, too.

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Wes, thank you very much. Yes, that’s one of many depressing factors about Humdrumming’s demise – that more people can’t read this novella. I’m thinking of ways to solve that.

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