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October 1st, 2009 • Posted in Reviews & Interviews |

There’s a lovely review of my forthcoming collection LAST EXIT FOR THE LOST at Shroud Magazine – check it out here.   This book wil be published by Cemetery Dance Publications soon … I don’t know exactly when, but hopefully before my next collection comes out (which will be announced soon).

Been head-down to some intensive writing over the past few weeks, and things are moving on apace.  So hopefully I’ll have some news soon, and also some more time to blog here on occasion.  Please watch this space!

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3 comments on “LAST EXIT review”

  1. Steve Volk says:

    I’ve ordered my copy from CD, Tim. Maybe I’ll get it before I’m in a Shroud, eh.

  2. Steve Volk says:

    I ordered it – will I get it before I’m in a shroud I wonder?

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    I hope so …. at present we’re looking at a January release date, so I’m told. Thanks Steve!

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