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July 15th, 2009 • Posted in Reviews & Interviews |

There’s a wonderful review of BAR NONE at Highlander’s Book Reviews.  It’s a scorcher, and it’s really made my day.  In part it says:

This is a book every bit as good as Cormac McCarthy’s critically acclaimed The Road. In many ways it’s similar, a post apocalyptic road trip, but for me this is the more successful book infused as it is with much more mystery, narrative drive and character development.

If you read BAR NONE, please do drop by and let me know what you think of it.  And more importantly, spread the word.

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2 comments on “BAR NONE – review”

  1. Steve Volk says:

    Well, as “The Road” is one of the best books I’ve ever read – ever, ever, ever – this is high praise indeed!

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Now you’ll hate it, of course. But one will be on its way to you soon, Oh Equally Follically Challenged One.

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