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October 24th, 2008 • Posted in Recommendations |

With my shiny new website up and running, I’ll be introducing a couple of features over the next few weeks.  The first is an occasional (i.e. when there’s something I want to talk about) Recommendation posting.  Could be a book, movie, album, pair of shoes, or a cake.  If I read, see, hear, wear, or eat something I reckon needs sharing, share I will.

To kick us off, here’s a great book I’ve just had the pleasure of reading. THE REACH, by Nate Kenyon.  It’ll be his second novel from Leisure following his debut Bloodstone, and it’s a cracker.  It concerns a young girl called Sarah, diagnosed as schizophrenic and locked away in an institution virtually all her life.  Of course, her illness (or is it an illness?) is far more complex, and the powers she possesses are staggering.

Kenyon’s got a great knack at characterisation, and you feel for both the good guys … and the guys who maybe are up to no good.  There’s no real black and white here, though there are very deep shades of grey, and the slow-build to a startling (and I have to say, very cinematic … movie companies, take note) climax is breathtaking.

Sarah’s situation is both gripping and sad, and there are scenes that had me rooting for her to just let rip with her powers. An excellent book, which you should all buy.  It’s out this November from Leisure, here’s a link to Amazon.

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