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September 7th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

… and that’s why I haven’t been around here for a while.  My 30 Days of Night novel THE BANE is with the publisher, and I’m well into my novelisation of THE CABIN IN THE WOODS.  Every spare hour is spent working right now, so I might not post much here for a while.  And around all this writing busyness is family stuff, some good – kids back in school, Ellie starting dancing again, Dan starting rugby this evening – and some bad.

So please keep stopping by, browsing the site, and keep a watch out for the occasional blog posting over the next few weeks.

Currently listening to: Black and White by THE HIVES.  Awesome.

Currently reading: The Land at the End of the Working Day, a wonderful novella collection by Peter Crowther.

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