Wild Wales, and looking back

November 27th, 2008 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Tomorrow I’m off into the wilds with a few fellow Welsh writers for a weekend of writing, beer, and good food.  Myself, Steve Lockley, Paul Lewis, Gary Greenwood, Steve Volk and Mike O’Driscoll will be doing a ‘Withnail and I’ here, except this won’t be a mistake.  So I’ll be out of touch until Monday, whereupon …

Monday is the second anniversary of my going full time as a writer.  Two whole years, and in that time I’ve done a quite amazing amount of writing, including 5 solo novels, three screenplays, three collaborative novels, some novellas and short stories … and other stuff.  Bloody hell.  Anyway, I’ll be blogging on Monday all about that, talking about what the last two years have been like and what I’m hoping the next two years will bring.

So please check back on Monday.  I might be tired, but we’ll have some fun.

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