Well the weather outside is frightful …

February 3rd, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

picture-028… but we don’t get it much, so the kids and I spent the morning making the most of it!  Snowball fights, walks in the local woods with our monstrous mutt Blu, and then to end it all a ridiculous snowman.

Dan got cold and cried, but only after two hours doing his best to hit me in the face at just the right angle to get snow down my shirt.  He perfected it almost immediately.   Ellie put on a new set of clothes each time she went out and got cold and wet, so now our radiators have been smothered with wet garments, and our windows are steaming up.

Fantastic snowfall this morning.  I love it.  They say we might get some more later in the week … bring it on!

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