Two Hours Later …

November 19th, 2008 • Posted in Random Stuff |

… and my computer’s fixed.  A great big thanks to my brother-in-law Dave.  Really, if your computer’s knackered, he’s the man to see.  Just mail me, and I’ll send you his address and phone number, he’d be delighted.

Apparantly the thermal paste between my heat sink and processor had dried out, processor was getting too hot and cutting out.  So the moral here is, always check your paste.  I don’t understand really, all I know is I can work again now without having to beat my 10 year old laptop with a stick when I want it to actually compute … there was more power in the old ZX81s, I’m sure.

Now then … lots of news coming soon, a recommendation or two, and a little celebration of my second anniversary as a full-time writer.

See you tomorrow!

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2 comments on “Two Hours Later …”

  1. Brian Keene says:

    Thermal paste? You know there’s a joke in there somewhere, don’t you?

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Yeah, but I’m not a sick and twisted individual like you …

    Oh, hang on ….

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