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December 1st, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Three years ago today I was sitting at my desk – this very desk – as a full-time writer for the first time.  I was a little hungover.  The night before I’d had a leaving do from work at The Hanbury Arms in Caerleon, drank too much Reverend James, and generally celebrated leaving work to live my dream.  That last day in work was a lot of fun … wandering around to say goodbye, collecting leaving presents (bottles of whiskey and wine … they know me so well).  And that first day of full-time writing I spent on the first chapter of my 30 Days of Night movie novelisation.  I remember it well, because I had to scrap it three days later when the updated shooting script came through and I realised all the relationships had changed … but since that day to this, I’ve had the best time of my life.

It’s been three years.  I worked at my old day job for six times that, yet I only have vague memories of the place: I remember the people, many of whom still remain friends.  I remember cheese and bacon toasties on Friday morning.  I remember being in a tea-group of one and having to steal other people’s milk from the fridge (yes, everyone … it was me!)  But it’s rare that I sit and dwell on my time there, because that was another life.

Since starting to write full time I’ve written so many novels, shorts stories, and novellas that I’ve lost count – they include two 30 Days of Night novels, Hellboy: The Fire Wolves, Echo City Falls (coming soon), The Island, Fallen, two Hidden Cities books with Chris Golden, the first of the Secret Journeys of Jack London books (also with Chris), the novella The Reach of Children … and there I was, hoping I’d turn prolific.

I’ve also started branching out into some screen work, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I’m collaborating on an exciting new screenplay, and I’m also currently developing two TV series.

And last week, as if to celebrate my impending 3-year anniversary, I had some Very Good News.  Thrilling, exciting news.  But more on that soon.

I’m very, very lucky.  I commute to work past the dog, sit in my own office with all my books and other stuff around me, make stuff up, write it down, and sell it.  I walk the dog in our lovely local woods at lunchtimes, and occasionally go out for lunch with friends.  I always wanted to get here, but was never sure I would.

Thank you, to everyone who enjoys buying and reading my books.  That means you.  You keep buying them, and reading them and liking them, and I’ll keep writing them.  There’s lots on the horizon.

So without further ado … I’m writing a novella about a thief of broken toys. I must away.

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12 comments on “Three Years On…”

  1. Christopher Golden says:

    Happy Anniversary, Tim! (And we’ve written three Hidden Cities books, and part of the fourth. Math…not your forte.)

  2. Jeff Coffield says:

    You sir have a much deserved anniversary. I’ve been amazed at the the plethora of work you’ve produced. Keep them coming.

  3. Cate Gardner says:

    Congratulations. Keep living the dream.

  4. Brett Alexander Savory says:

    Congrats, Tim! I have the same “office location” as you, and can’t imagine it being any other way.

    Speaking of that thief of broken toys, it should be up for pre-order at Horror Mall later today or tonight. I’ll let you know once it’s live!

  5. Christopher Teague says:

    By my reckoning, counting up the books on my shelf, you owe me a few pints; I’ve at least paid for 0.0000001% of your current lifestyle, Mr L – I deserve some recompense! 😉

    Here’s to another three years and more, Tim.

  6. Glen Krisch says:

    To be so prolific that I lose track of my production… that would be a dream come true.
    Congrats on three years!
    ps. I’m reading the 30 Days novelization with much enjoyment.

  7. Nick Lebbon says:

    You, brother, are ALWAYS a ‘little hungover’ ! And long may it continue…….. Congrats on a successful three years, and here’s to many more !

  8. The King of Calcium says:

    Is it true you’re working on “SMM 8”?

  9. Matt Cardin says:

    And to think, I knew you back when you were just one of the affable Brits at World Horror ’01 — with a day job.

    This is a really moving post. A hearty congratulations, Tim.

  10. Karri & Eric Hitt says:

    Congrats on three years. It was about that time that I actually started reading (more like hoarding) your books and looked for them at the local book stores. Thank you for all the words and places you put in my head.

  11. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks so much for all your congrats, folks. I’m currently suffering from Man ‘Flu (isn’t a bloke allowed to have real ‘flu? No. He suffers and whines and coughs and sneezes, but it’s still only make-believe…) So it was nice to wake up to all these lovely comments.

    Calcium King – I have no knowledge of that of which you speak (I think I’ve shut it out)

    Chris T – if you viewed my lifestyle, you’d realise that I probably ouw you a slice of toast.

    Matt – I’m still an affable Brit!

    Golden – why do you think I quit the day job?

  12. Mary Booth says:

    A thief of boken toys? Going to have to read that one!

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