The New Doctor Who …

January 3rd, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

is very young!  I’m hoping that once this guy’s done his bit, they’ll choose my son for the next one.  He did have a sonic screwdriver for Christmas, though it uses batteries quickly and is already broken.

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4 comments on “The New Doctor Who …”

  1. Christopher Golden says:

    I’m VERY disappointed they didn’t go with the rumored choice of Paterson Joseph. He’s an excellent actor and would have brought great presence to the role.

  2. Steve Volk says:

    I’m very disappointed they didn’t go with Christopher Golden.

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Too much facial hair. Come to think of it, this is what we need. A really hairy Doctor! How about that ship commander from Alien Resurrection (probably the scariest thing about that movie)?

  4. Damon Lord says:

    I’m still wondering why they keep touting Jennifer Saunders’ name every time the question of the Next Doctor comes up. She can’t act.

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