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June 25th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Returned home today from a quick, exhausting and very enjoyable trip to London.  My wife and I are knackered, and tomorrow it’s the kids’ sports day in school, and then directly aftre that Tracey and the kids are going to Devon for the weekend with a couple of her mates and their children.  I’m staying at home with the dog, mainly to work on an exciting proposal … more of which soon, hopefully.  So yes, it’s like a holiday for me too, I guess … though I’ll miss them all terribly.

Some highlights from London:

Catching up with my good mate Christopher Golden and his lovely family, and Steve Volk and his charming wife Pat, and Guy Adams, and Lee Thompson, and Sally and Paul, and Sarah Pinborough and her phone, and eating quality Italian food.  Beef carpaccio …. oh yes.

picture-009Sitting on the balcony of our apartment until one in the morning with Steve and Pat, drinking wine and talking about witches, cats (though unconnected), and idiots.

The London Eye.  It’s big.  Bloody big. I’m sure I could see my house from the top.

Borough Market this morning, where I bought some hot ginger fudge which was, I have to say, one of the finest tasting things I’ve ever tasted (stop snickering at the back).

And finally … bumping into Peter and Anne who I used to work with (when I had a proper job and didn’t scrape my living making up stuff and selling it).

A brilliant trip, and we’re now determined to take the kids to London later in the year.  And oh yeah, over dinner Chris and I mapped out another two trilogies … so that’s the next 6 years sorted.

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3 comments on “The Big Smoke”

  1. edifanob says:

    London is my favorite town. I did the ride on the London Eye twice. It is awesome.

  2. Steve Volk says:

    Only two trilogies? You slacker, Lebbon!

  3. Steve Volk says:

    Pat has never been called “charming” before. She’s a bit disturbed by it.

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