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Here’s a line from the proposal for my new novel.  Got back into writing it today, and I’m so excited about this book that I’m just itching to share more … but this will have to do for now.

In the beginning, our world comes to an end.  And after that things only get worse.

Guesses and comments welcome …

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6 comments on “Teaser”

  1. Paul C. Snider says:

    Sounds cool!

  2. Stephen Volk says:

    Isn’t that the first line of all your proposals, Tim? 🙂

  3. Gary says:

    Is the title “Bar None: Another Round”? 😉

  4. Rich says:

    Post Apocalyptic fiction? Sign me up, pass me a pair of strange goggles, strap me into a dune buggy and let me eat the flesh of humans. It’s only the best damn sub-genre out there!

    Hey Tim, you heard Tom Hardy (Bronson, Stuart a Life Backwards, Cape Wrath) has signed on to play Mad Max in Fury Road? How awesome is that? One of the finest British actors of recent years…


  5. Tim Lebbon says:

    There’s going to be another MAD MAX?? Sign me up!

    Gary … that’s not a bad idea, actually. Certainly plenty more beer to sample, and tax deduct, in the name of research.

    Steve … well, yes, but you know me so well.

    And Rich, you’ll like this one. I’ve had enough with destroying just one world …. 🙂

  6. jason says:

    In the beginning, our world comes to an end. And after that things only get worse.

    It was far worse, because those few left could no longer twitter, or update their facebook and myspace pages.

    But that was not all. There was a far greater horror revealed as they stared at their dead I-phones in their hands and realized that no, there would be not be an app for this…..

    The number of original survivors was reduced by 3/4 after this.

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