S’no surprise, it ain’t over yet

February 8th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

picture-059I didn’t have a very productive week last week – I did maybe 10,000 words on ECHO CITY FALLS, and a bit on a  top-secret short story I’m working on (also had a killer idea for a YA novel, but there’s only so much time …)  Most of this lack of productivity was down to the snow, which brought the country to a sliding halt.  The family and I had a wonderful time, and I’m a firm believer in giving myself the day off for the kids to enjoy themselves.  Really, it was for the kids.  I didn’t throw a single snowball, or take a single sled trip down a hillside.  Hope, not me.

And they’re saying we’re in for some more tomorrow! So after watching THE ESCAPIST and having an early night this evening, I’ll be getting back into the novel in the morning.  I’m about to write a subterranean seduction scene.   So there you are.

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3 comments on “S’no surprise, it ain’t over yet”

  1. Jeff Prettyman says:

    Oh, Tim, please, please make another snowman. Promise me you will. We’ll all be good if you do. And do post another picture, please.
    Happy now?

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Would have posted another one, but it all bloody melted. Bah!

  3. Mark Morris says:

    You regard 10,000 words as a non-productive week? You bloody big swot! You’re like a writing machine! I usually manage 7-10,000 words a week as an average, and am generally pretty pleased with that. Yesterday I sat at my desk all bloody day struggling with my (top secret) script, and had still only managed to eke out 700 words by tea-time. So slow down, Lebbon, you git. You put the rest of us to shame.

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