Six Years

November 30th, 2012 • Posted in Random Stuff |

I’ve been a full-time writer for exactly six years, making a living out of what I love doing.  It feels like a lot more.

I was at my previous job for about 20 years before finally taking the plunge, quitting, and saying goodbye to that depressing bloody office block (but also saying goodbye to lots of friends I’d had for years).  I’ve been back to that office a couple of times since, and of course I keep up with as many friends from those times as I can.

The office is due for demolition soon.  I’ll be selling tickets to watch it.

That last day in work — six years ago today, though it seems much longer — was a good one.  I walked the offices to say goodbye, and the good wishes I had from everyone were so lovely, as were the bottles of wine and whisky that seemed to be the normal leaving present.  Good times.  Fond memories.

But these last six years have felt like my real life.  I love writing (correction – usually, I love having written), telling stories, and yes, I love seeing my work published and the reaction it gets.  So a huge thank you to everyone who continues to read my work, and buy my books in paper or e-formats.  Please keep buying, and I’ll keep writing.

This past year has had its ups and downs (though in truth, more ups).  I’ve had several books published, and the reaction to all of them has been fantastic.  I’ve parted ways with publishers.  I’ve seen a book series go into development with ABC Network for a TV series.  And there’s more exciting publishing news I’ll be able to announce soon.

I’ve continued to work with some of the best friends I’ve ever had.  And outside of writing, I’m watching my kids growing up into fine young people, and I’ve committed to doing an Ironman race next year.

So to mark the sixth anniversary of my last day in council employment …. I’m going to spend the day writing.



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7 comments on “Six Years”

  1. Thomas Olde Heuvelt says:

    Congrats with your eh… lustrum plus one. ^^

    I especially like your “I love writing (correction – usually, I love having written).” Very recognizable, haha. But when you’re working on an novel and you know it’s going to be especially good, it’s the writing itself that brings pleasure as well. Hope you’ll have one of these days today!

    I’ve just ordered a couple of your books. Looking forward to reading them.

    All best from The Netherlands.

  2. Luke Walker says:

    Congrats on the six year anniversary, Tim. And ditto on the ups for the last year. BTW, I’m about 75% through Coldbrook. Loving it.

  3. Matt Cardin says:

    Happy career anniversary, Tim! I almost feel like saying “Happy real birthday!” because it sounds like you were born into your real life on that fateful day six years ago. I remember reading your announcement then, and it’s wonderful to read this new affirmation of its profound rightness. Here’s to six(ty) more years.

  4. Pete L says:

    I remember meeting you for the first time at our kids pre school help out. Amazing how fast the time has gone and the difference you have made. Well done mate, very proud.

  5. Ty Schwamberger says:

    Love this post. Congrats, brother!

  6. Tim Lebbon says:

    Luke, glad you’re loving COLDBROOK!

    And thanks Matt, Thomas, and Ty.

    Pete, cheers mate. I remember that day too. We were both very hungover, if I remember rightly. And fat!

  7. Damon Lord says:

    My congratulations. You are an inspiration, and whenever I get one of your books, I always know I’m in for a good read!

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