Review – Hellboy: The Fire Wolves

April 21st, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff, Reviews & Interviews |

Here’s a fantastic review of my Hellboy novel THE FIRE WOLVES.  Nice!

Been a bit quiet here, yep.  But I’m busy editing and revising ECHO CITY FALLS for delivery to my publisher next week, as well as working on the new Hidden Cities book with Chris Golden, TELL MY SORROWS TO THE STONES.  Lots of other stuff going on too, all very exciting, all nowhere near advanced enough for me to reveal anything yet.  But watch this space …..

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  1. Messenger says:


    The Fire Wolves has been a fantastic read. You have an uncanny grasp of Hellboy and his universe. It would be a real treat if Mike Mignola and yourself collaborated on a graphic novel. Keep up the great work!


    Bill Messenger

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