Mind Bogglification #324

February 15th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Try getting your head around this on a quiet Sunday afternoon.  It’s mind blowing, but I also find it immensely comforting just thinking about the possibilities.  Of course, this is a pure guesstimate, as is much concerned with ‘Earth-like’ planets.  One thing that confuses me here is that the scientist then goes on to say that, if most of these planets are inhabited, it’s likely by primitive life forms.

Why?  What makes him think we’re the special ones?  If there really are, say, a billion ‘inhabited’ planets (and we’re only talking our own little galaxy here, folks), how can someone who guesstimates this then go on to say we’re likely the most advanced out of that billion?  Much more likely that there are planets with lifeforms millions or billions of years more advanced that ours.

And when I hit ‘publish post’, they’ll probably be reading this.

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