London, and THE ISLAND – review

August 13th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff, Reviews & Interviews |

Lovely review here for THE ISLAND.  What?  You haven’t bought it yet?

Went to London yesterday for some meetings.  Met a great producer and chatted about books and movies and stuff, had a lovely time and a fine Thai duck curry.  Oh yes.  Then moved on and caught up with the very splendid Ed Hughes, my UK screen agent.  After that, onwards to the Dog & Duck for a couple of pints with Caspian Dennis, my UK literary agent, where all manner of things were discussed.

On the way back to the Tube station I got soaked to the skin, which wasn’t very nice.  But it did mean that the platform was Wet Tee Shirt World which, in some cases, was quite pleasant.  In some cases, not.

Time for a last pint at Paddington, then a train back home with a dick sitting in front of me who patently did not understand the meaning of Quiet Carriage.

I’ve discovered that I love working on trains.  I took my laptop and wrote 2,000 words on thw way up, and on the way back I sketched the outline of a movie proposal.  No distractions, see.  Apart from Loud Mobile Phone Man, and wet Tee shirts.

It’s a mad time right now with two very pressing deadlines, but I’ll still be blogging here as often as possible.  Please check back …

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  1. Steve Volk says:

    Is the movie pitch called “Wet Tee Shirt Man”?

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