Let Me Kill You

April 9th, 2010 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Would you like to be horribly killed in my new novel COLDBROOK?  It’ll be easy.  Just visit the COLDBROOK website, sign up, LEAVE A COMMENT HERE TO LET ME KNOW YOU’VE DONE IT, and on Saturday 17th I’ll draw the winner, who will appear as a minor character and meet a gruesome end.

I already know who you will be …

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77 comments on “Let Me Kill You”

  1. Tim Lebbon says:

    Thanks Ron … it’s because I’m publishing fantasy in the UK with Orbit, so just to distinguish my horror and fantasy under different publishers.

  2. Damon Lord says:

    Oh please just kill me.

  3. Charles Prepolec says:

    Right, all signed up and prepared to die for the cause. I suppose death by beer is out of the question?

  4. David Heeley says:

    Feel free to kill me, I’m worth more dead than alive.

  5. Tim Montoya says:

    Signed up and ready to die!

  6. Adam Nevill says:

    Only if I get to be a guy with a beard, a pickup truck, a compound, and an automatic rifle, who goes down fighting and crying, “Choke on it! Choke on it!”

  7. jason jones says:

    yeah, me too.

  8. Ron Clinton says:

    “it’s because I’m publishing fantasy in the UK with Orbit, so just to distinguish my horror and fantasy under different publishers.”

    Makes perfect sense — thanks, Tim.

  9. Rich SanFilippo says:

    Signed up Tim. I hope I die a horrific death in a swimming pool in Maryland at 6:00 in the morning!

  10. Neil Clench says:

    hmm, did I just sign up to be killed? Ok sounds good, do it.

  11. Eddie Coulter says:

    Done! I’m ready for a gruesome end!

  12. John McDaniel says:

    kill me please, Im all signed up.

  13. Jerrod Balzer says:

    I did it! Please, start tearing me to pieces while I’m still alive! I want to see at least a few blood squirts before I pass out. And Oh! Can a midget a kill me? A really angry one. I’m not sure why he’d be angry, though. Perhaps because “midget” is un-PC. Didn’t “dwarf” used to be un-PC? I’m not sure.

    All right, screw it. No midgets. Maybe a giant can opener. Not the electric kind; the one where you have to turn the thingy by hand. And heaven forbid you get a dented can and have to really struggle with it. Those suck, especially when it’s a mystery can with no label and you’re really hoping it’s peas because they’d go great with your mashed potatoes… only to found out it’s spinach. Blech! What, do they think I’m Popeye? That dude looks funny, by the way. I’m not prejudiced or anything, but damn!

    Anyway, thanks for the chance!

  14. Erik Alkenbrack says:

    I’m all ready to die now.

  15. Scott says:

    Signed up, and ready for a happy ending the likes of which only Tim Lebbon can devise.

  16. Don Traverso says:

    Done. Ready to die. Pick me pick me!!!

  17. Kari Embree says:

    “Killing me softly with his words, killing me softly…” – I’ve signed up and gently place my soul in your capable deadly hands.

  18. sid says:

    Done. Hack away!

  19. Travis Meikle says:

    All right I signed up. You can do your worst you POWDER PUFF. haha

  20. Jeff Coffield says:

    I signed up with the hope of being offed in Coldbrook.

  21. Ruth Shedwick says:

    Aye – have your wicked way m’lord!

  22. Colin Leslie says:

    So i’m dead now am I. Doesn’t feel so bad!!!

  23. Matt Boyce says:

    Cant Wait!

  24. Stewie says:

    Done! Kill me!

  25. Adam Grikepelis says:

    well I figured the 17th April being my birthday has to be some kind of sign. signed up a little while back. now it’s official.
    you’ve gotta die sometime after all…

  26. Anne Cater says:

    How bizarre would it to be killed in a book? So exciting!

  27. Nick Lebbon says:

    May I be the first one NOT to apply for my death in your book because a) I dont want to die yet, and b) I’m your brother and everyone would say it was fixed !

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