Kick Ass

February 23rd, 2010 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Swearing – it’s not big, but it is clever.  This film looks wonderful.  And when you’ve watched this, check out the other clips & trailers online.

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3 comments on “Kick Ass”

  1. Rachel Green says:

    Oh great. Now my 12 year old will think it okay to say f__ and c__ in public. And I’m sure they want me to complain, because that’s viral publicity.

  2. Jeff Coffield says:

    That was superb. I can’t wait.

  3. Christopher Teague says:

    Hmmm, there’s something not right about a 12 year-old girl saying “cunt” – even Luc Besson showed restraint with Mathilda in “Leon”: and the character was all the better for it.

    Still, “Kick-Ass” does look like a good slice of fun.

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