Is it January 1st yet?

December 13th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

scroogeNo … obviously not.  I like Christmas, really.  Christmas Eve, then the big day, the evening.  Even Boxing Day is fun.  What I don’t like is the three months leading up to it.  “All ready from Christmas?” people ask, and the earliest I heard that this year was the end of November.  No, I’m not all ready for fucking Christmas. Now go away.

Anyway.  I’ve finished my novella THE THIEF OF BROKEN TOYS for CZP Publications and will be sending that on its way on Monday or Tuesday.  Then on Wednesday I’m travelling to London for lunch with my new editor (and there’ll be more about that soon), and then Carnival’s Christmas Party.  The rest of the week will be spent working on my new novel (and more of that soon, too).

Christmas isn’t all that bad.  My wife’s been away at a wedding this weekend, so yesterday I took the kids to our local town Usk where there was a Christmas market. Bought some seasonal onion bhajees and samosas, ans a festive chorizo sausage, and the kids had fresh pizza and a German hot dog.  Saw a few friends milling around, and had a nice time.  Then in the evening they insisted on watching the Shite Factor, so I sat in my room and read some more of UNDER THE DOME (which is one of the very best things King has written in a long while …. hope the ending isn’t a let-down).

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4 comments on “Is it January 1st yet?”

  1. Stephen Volk says:

    Good luck with UNDER THE TOME… I’m backing Olly to win by the way.

  2. Stephen Volk says:

    By the way I won’t be at the party as I’m up in London all day Tuesday: have fun though. It’s all on BBC expenses no doubt.

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    They I shall indulge fully!

  4. needafixer says:

    JUst great!

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