Five years

November 30th, 2011 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Five years ago today (30th November) was my last day in work.  Five years!  And in truth … it feels like a lifetime ago.  I spent that last day walking around the office saying goodbye to people — and receiving bottles, cards, and well-wishes in return — and then having a presentation (they bought me a coffee maker which I still use to this day, every day).  And that evening, a big bash in my favourite pub.

Since then I’ve hardly thought about my old place of work at all.  I catch up with some of my old friends from there, sometimes, and I still think about the people I used to work with with fondness.  But it was definitely a case of moving on.  And I haven’t once looked back.  It’s all going well, and this past 12 months have been good.

I spent years wanting to be a full-time writer, and even for the couple of years before I quit, I never quite believed I’d get here.  Now, it doesn’t seem as if I’ve ever done anything else.  It has its ups and downs, but is definitely what I’m here to do.

I quit work to write 5 months after my dear mum died.  I remember calling Dad to tell him what I was doing, and the first thing he said was “Your mum would be proud.”  That sealed the decision for me.

Back to work, now.  I’m currently editing a new book for Orbit UK, and writing the second in a YA series for Pyr in the USA.  Other exciting stuff going on too, which I’ll be able to reveal soon.  Books.  Movies.  All the good stuff….

A big thanks to everyone who continues to buy and read my books.  Without you … well, that doesn’t bear thinking about.



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3 comments on “Five years”

  1. Matt Williams says:

    Every bit of well deserved too, mate!

  2. Matt Williams says:

    Or should that be, every bit of it 😉

  3. Hunter Shea says:

    You are living the dream, and I’m sure appreciating every moment of it because you had to work hard to get there. My hat’s off to you. I only hope I can join you some day. Until then, I work, I write, I sleep, repeat.

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