Eddie Izzard – Jam and Badgers

November 20th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff, Recommendations |

280x_ei_strippedDVD3DWent to see Eddie Izzard last night at the Cardiff CIA.  The guy is brilliantly, beautifully insane.  Just a brief mention about his billion-mile-run for Sport Relief, then he went on to talk about ‘everything that has ever happened’.

Izzard hardly ever tells a joke, and much like a surreal Bill Hicks his humour comes from observation and protest.  Izzard’s protest is much more subtle, of course, and buried amongst discussions about speeding raptors, hungry badgers, Northern Romans, set-upon squirrels, startled Nazis, and coughing giraffes, but it’s there nonetheless.  Sometimes it’s a plea to live life without worrying Who or What is watching over us, other times it’s a dig at politics (and particular politicians).

He’s a clever, funny man.  One of my favourites among many was ‘If there’s a God, why didn’t he flick Hitler’s head off?’

And he still does love his badgers and jam.  Though rarely together.

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