ECHO CITY – random extract #4

February 16th, 2010 • Posted in Random Stuff |

I’m going to see the Baker’s daughter, Peer thought.  Back before she was arrested, tortured and banished, stories of the Baker had terrified her.  She had been hunted and killed by the Scarlet Blades when Peer was a teenager, but she was a legendary character throughout Echo City, and many of her chopped constructs could still be seen.  There was the Scope that Peer and her mother had once seen, and the larger Scopes that watched from the top of Marcellan Canton.  There were Funnelers that drew air into the tunnels and routes passing through the higher parts of Marcellan.  And as a child, she and her friends had delighted at rumors of a series of monstrous chopped that existed within the many water refineries dotted along the riverbank in Course and Mino Mont Cantons.  They eventually came to learn that the refineries were driven by rather more mundane technologies, but the memory of that belief persisted, and the sense it had imbued within her that anything was possible.  Sometimes she dreamed of the dead Baker and her creations, and anything was a dangerous thing.

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