ECHO CITY – random extract #2

February 15th, 2010 • Posted in Random Stuff |

They called them the Levels.  Once, before the plague, the dividing line between Skulk and Course Cantons had been difficult to distinguish.  A street here, a square there, the banks of the Southern Reservoir, perhaps the edge of a park or the center line of a road.  After the salt plague, there’d been a need to mark the border permanently.  And so the razing had begun.  In history books, the transcribers had gone to some effort to describe the methods used, and the caution taken to prevent injury or worse to those innocents caught up in the chaos.  In reality, the Marcellans had ordered the razing to be completed within two days.  In such a short time, with so many fires set, ruin-wagons despatched, and buildings marked for destruction, the suffering of innocents was inevitable.

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  1. Lou Riddell says:

    I can’t wait to read more! Tantalizing and teasing….just like all your other books!

    Happy writing, Tim!

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