Dead Set

October 21st, 2008 • Posted in Random Stuff |

This is just such a neat idea

Take one crap reality TV show, have it take place in a world slowly being taken over by zombies, people it with characters no more outragous that the oddballs you usually get on the show … and then turn the real-life presenter into a zombie!

I can’t stand Big Brother.  I watched some of the first series and found it mildly interesting, but from series 2 on it was painful to watch, exploitive victim-TV at its worst.  There was a time when I thought, “Why not introduce a mass-murderer into the house and see how these feeble fucks handle that!”  Never happened – probably because the producers couldn’t get permission, more than anything else – but this is certainly the next best thing.

Davina as a zombie. I’m there.

Writing updates: I’ve been working hard on The Secret Journeys of Jack London, the YA series I’m writing with Christopher Golden for Atheneum in the USA.  It’s going to be a scorcher, and Chris and I are thrilled with how it’s going.  More news on this as and when it’s available.

Also been tinkering with ideas and sample chapters for a possible dark crime novel … we’ll see if this one has legs.  And a screenplay, a novella, and some short story idea for three anthologies I’ve been invited to submit to but which I can’t say much about just yet …

More soon!

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2 comments on “Dead Set”

  1. Rich says:

    Any chance any of these will be released in the UK?


  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    We’re hopeful … when there’s news, I’ll post it here.

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