February 16th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

So, writing … ECHO CITY FALLS continues on apace, I’m working on a couple of screenplays, and a few short stories.  I’m also awaiting news on several exciting projects, so hopefully more soon.

Today, however, is a day just for living a bit.  It’s beautifully sunny outside – almost a spring day – and the kids are off school for half term.  So we went over the woods this morning with Blu, deciding to dam one of the woodland streams.

Took me back to being a kid.  We found an existing dam and tried to shore it up, but that wasn’t doing any good, so we decided to start our own.  Blu helped, becoming a water dog for the first time, and Dan and Ellie leapt back and forth across the stream as energetically as the dog!  After a while we had the beginnings of a dam, and the water started to rise … not perfect, but it worked.

We saw a frog (I almost stepped on it, Blu almost ate it), buzzards, and a robin took interest in our civil engineering project and hung around to watch.  Keeing his eye out for worms, obviously.

Dam built, we walked around the woods and came home to a hearty lunch.  A good day away from the keyboard, and for once I wasn’t feeling guilty.

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