COLDBROOK pre-order competition … win books!

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My new apocalyptic zombie thriller COLDBROOK is officially released in the UK by Hammer/Arrow on Thursday 11th October.

If you pre-order COLDBROOK before midnight on 10th October, let me know at lebbon1984(at)yahoo(dot)com, and I’ll enter you in a draw to win a BIG BOX OF BOOKS.  Go here and click on Buying Options to select from a whole list of online suppliers.  If you’ve already pre-ordered let me know at the above address and you’ll go into the draw.

No need to send proof of purchase … I’m working this one on trust.

The BIG BOX will include a selection of my books including: Echo City (Orbit, pb), The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Wild (with Christopher Golden, hardback); The Secret Journeys of Jack London: The Sea Wolves (also with Chris, hardback);  The Island (A&B, pb), Bar None (Night Shade, pb), The Cabin in the Woods (novelisation, pb) … and a couple of surprises!  What a bunch of goodies…

Starburst Magazine said of COLDBROOK:

“Coldbrook is a heart pounding, blood drenched, yet intelligent and original take on the undead. It successfully blends the horror, fantasy and science fiction elements into an utterly compelling and satisfying story that stays with you after the book is finished. Zombie stories don’t get much better than this. 8/10”

So just pre-order anywhere here, let me know (lebbon1984(at)yahoo(dot)com), and go into a draw to win all those books listed above … and more!  Open to anyone in the world.

Winner will be announced on 11th October!




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  1. Theresa Derwin says:

    Wow, what a fab comp! Would love to get bmy hands on The Island

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