Bar None review, and other updates

February 13th, 2010 • Posted in Random Stuff, Reviews & Interviews |

Here’s a pretty unique review of BAR NONE for your delectation.

What I’m up to: just getting into THE WIRE, four episodes in to Season One and I’m hooked.  The 5 minute ‘crime scene’ scene where the only word uttered was ‘fuck’ is genius, the characters are real, the writing intelligent and compelling.  Brilliant stuff.  Now I have to watch it all before anyone tells me what happens. (Yeah, I’m late catching up on this series … I’m always late.  I’ve only just bought STATE OF PLAY and EDGE OF DARKNESS to watch, too).

What I’m listening to: Death Magnetic by Metallica really is a bloody good album.

And another thing: Lost Season 5 … finished watching it last night, and … it’s OK.  I’m glad it’s finishing next season.  I laugh out loud now, more than gasp in surprise.  Too many staggering revelations just make for comedy.  But it’s still compellingly written and quite addictive stuff.  And Kate is a hottie (Tracey is a Sawyer fan).

By the way, exciting news still incoming soon.  Here’s a clue: keep your eye on Variety.

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5 comments on “Bar None review, and other updates”

  1. Stephen Volk says:

    There is something wrong with a review that has to be THAT LONG!

    You have to watch THE WIRE Season One to about ep 10 before it really kicks in. I liked it. Exceptionally well made and authentic. It has the best “drunk cop in a bathroom” scene ever. However, I couldn’t get into Season Two at all: it wasn’t as compelling as, say, the little revelations in MAD MEN. And it isn’t the best TV series EVER as some say. I still WAY prefer The Shield. But I suspect a lot of WIRE-ophiliacs are like AVATAR-ians, in that, if I’m not wetting myself with enthusiasm, there must be something wrong with me.

  2. Fear Death By Water says:

    My blog is reviews and random nattering … it does just what it says on the box. Last paragraph I get down to the review bit.

  3. Stephen Volk says:

    Oops – no offence, chap. I’m just not that interested in beer. 🙂

  4. Jeff Prettyman says:

    I went to Variety and typed in “Susco, ‘White'”. No luck, but it was worth a try.

  5. Tim Lebbon says:

    Hi Jeff! WHITE is ticking over, but this is something else…

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