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AVATAR is a dumb movie.  The screenplay is clunky and dumbed down almost beyond belief.  The elements of talkover are redundant and cringe-inducing.  The message it tries to get across is about as subtle as having a tree inserted into a bodily orifice, and some of the dialogue made me laugh out loud.  There are lots of people saying how crap the movie is because of all these elements.


It was one of the most exhilirating cinema experiences I can remember.  And for that, I can forgive a lot.

I was utterly immersed in this movie.  I left the cinema blinking my way back into the real world, and still dumbstruck by the visual experience.  It’s unlike anything you have ever seen before, and it made me feel like a big kid again.  Go to see it expecting pure wonder instead of an intellectual experience, and you won’t be disappointed.

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4 comments on “AVATAR”

  1. Terry Cooper says:

    Whew! I thought you were going to go into a scathing tirade of Garry Charles proportions about how awful it was. Glad you liked most of it. I kind of felt the same way. The green hippie stuff turned me off a bit, but I too, forgive its flaws in order to enjoy it, just as one does with a Star Wars movie. Good fun, entertaining at the end of the day, and surprisingly low on expletives and gore which means my kids can see it too.

  2. Stephen Volk says:

    I can’t imagine being that irritated and that wowwed nevertheless. But I reserve judgement. I tittering throughout Titanic while others wept. I was confused and irritated by Watchmen, but it kicked in after 30 minutes and in the end, I enjoyed it. But from your review of Avatar, it’s a shame that intelligence and sensory pleasure are still either/or. I don’t see why. I’m tired of being told to leave my brain at the door.

  3. Tim Lebbon says:

    Steve, I appreciated it for what it was – a visual spectacle. I chuckled at lots of the dialogue and the 2D characters (ironic, in 3D), but to look at it was just wonderful.

  4. Gef says:

    I simply can’t bring myself to fake interest in this movie. James Cameron hasn’t held my attention since Terminator 2, and that’s probably because I was a tweener when it came out.

    Avatar looks like the world’s most expensive cartoon.

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