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follyThis weekend I’ve spent some time alone at home with my dog.  Tracey and the kids are in Devon til late this evening, so I’ve been working, relaxing, walking, cycling, and drinking a few pints.  Yesterday morning the dog and I walked several miles through Pontypool Park to the shell grotto and the folly.  It was a beautiful walk, and it cleared the cobwebs of the previous evening’s beers.  At times it felt like were utterly alone, not just up there on the mountain, but anywhere.  While I walked, I mused.

We were home by eleven o’clock, and after a nice salad lunch in the back garden – with nuclear strength coffee – I spent the early afternoon working on a Secret Novel Proposal.

goose-cuckooAt 4pm I jumped on my bike and visited the Goose and Cuckoo.    What a splendid pub!  Several pints of Summer Stinger later, I cycled home (carefully) along the canal, cooked a fabulous Thai Red Curry, then vegged out and fell asleep.

This morning … another long walk with the dog first thing, a visit to the local garden centre where they have a great cafe, more work … and now, yet more work on the proposal before the family arrive home again.  Time for a run at 6 o’clock, the rest of the curry, pick the family up … then a couple more beers to round off the weekend.

I’ve missed them a lot.  But I’ve also had a nice relaxing time, which the recycling bin will bear witness to this week.  Quite a few empties!

And that Secret Novel Proposal, too ….

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2 comments on “Alone”

  1. Isaac Hunt says:

    The Goose and Cuckoo eh? I’m surprised that they let you back in after the incident with the banjo, bar of butter and length of down pipe. What a night!!

  2. Tim Lebbon says:

    Not for the downpipe.

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