Almost three years …

November 29th, 2009 • Posted in Random Stuff |

Three years ago this coming Tuesday I spent my first day as a full-time writer.  I’ll be marking the occasion, never fear, and I’ll write about it a bit more here on Tuesday – what those three years have been like, what they’ve meant to me and my family, and how I see the next three years playing out – things are moving on, with exciting announcements afoot.

You may have noticed the ‘Quote of the Day’ postings I’ve been doing recently … I like quotes – funny ones, serious ones, insightful or goofy – so I thought it’d be good sharing some with you now and then.  Not every day, for sure – I’ve been a bit lax this weekend, with lots of family stuff going on – but I’ll post them as and when I find them, or when the mood takes me.

More soon.

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