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Today, we’re off on an adventure.   Starting from my friends’ house in Blaenavon, we’re heading over the mountain to the Goose & Cuckoo.  They don”t know the way. Neither do we.  We only know it’s ‘That way, possibly’.  Could be fun, but so soon after watching EDEN LAKE, I admit to being a little nervous.

But it’s OK .. we’re taking out dog, and they’re taking their two Chocolate Labs.   If anyone attacks us, they’ll be slobbered to death.

If I don’t post anyting tomorrow, feel free to send out search parties.

Meanwhile …


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  1. Jeff Prettyman says:

    If you fail to return the world would lose a great writer and an even greater person. Having said that, could I have all the ales left behind in the Lebbon manor? I’m sure having them laying around would upset your grieving widow. I got your back.

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