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December 12th, 2008 • Posted in News, Random Stuff |

There area a few shopping days left until Christmas.  All those presents you’ve forgotten to buy are worrying you, now.  Aunt Ethel doesn’t need another scarf, your father-in-law has enough baseball caps to warm the heads of a full stadium, and your best friend’s not really interested in chocolate now that she’s on a crash diet to impress that new window cleaner she’s having in once a week …. so what do you buy them?

Books, of course.  The answer’s so easy it barely needs thinking about.

Things are bad right now, with the recession biting deep, companies going bust all over, joblessness, and the doom-sayers in the media enjoying themselves more than they have for some time.  A new campaign has been launched called Books Are Great Gifts.  You can visit their website if you want, but really you shouldn’t need to because the facts speak for themselves.  Books are great gifts.  I can turn around and browse my heaving shelves now, and remember just who bought me some of my books, and when, and what I was doing when I read them.

That copy of Good Omens by Pratchett and Gaiman was bought by my mate Richard in our late teens.  A bit tatty now, I still remember reading it before we went off together to a Motorhead gig.

Ian McEwan’s Saturday was handed to me by my mother just before she went blind, and later passed away. It’s the last book she ever read.

King’s The Stand was bought for my eighteenth birthday by an old friend I’ve lost touch with (Anthony Joslin, where are you?)

And there are many more …

Books are unique (matched only perhaps by CDs) in that as well as a useful present, they become a part of your history.  Read the spines on your bookshelves and your past comes to life, in the same way that each individual world inside those covers develops a life of its own the minute you start reading.

Buy books.  Buy mine, that would be nice, but any books will do.  You don’t even need to get off your arse … just log on to any of the online booksellers.

Happy reading this Christmas.

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2 comments on “Why You Should Buy Books”

  1. Dark Wolf says:

    Books are marvelous gifts, I absolutely love receiving books as gifts. And my mainly provider in this field is my wife. Unfortunately for her she has a tough job because it has to digg for those that aren’t already in our bookshelves 🙂

  2. Steve Volk says:

    My mum read books before she gave birth to me, then (strangely) gave up for fifty odd years until my dad died last year. Now she’s a voracious reader again. So I’m glad to say I’m buying her a stack of books for Crimbo for the first time ever!

    Also, I’d add – support your local bookseller!!! Don’t buy the knockoff loss leaders at the supermarket! And nothing by synthetic-boobed supermodels or plug-ugly TV gardeners either!

    Proper books by writers!

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