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March 10th, 2004 • Posted in News |

I didn’t realise there was so many of you here! I’ve just had a web stats report for the site from July ’02 to Feb ’04, and I was very surprised by some of the results. It’s nice to see so many people coming through here … although I wish more people would stop by and say ‘Hi’ on the message board!

Most interesting were the search query reports. Now, I can understand people searching for ‘naming of parts’ and coming to the site. Similarly ‘exorcising angels’. But there were a couple there that worried me ….

Hands up at the back who searched for ‘swollen bladder loo’? Or ‘gutting himself blood’?

There were a couple of amusing ones too, like ‘naming car parts’ and ‘naming the bones in the right hand’. A mechanic and a medical student probably had a surprise here … I only hop they bought a book!

So please do keep dropping by. The bibliography page has been updated with my new book FEARS UNNAMED (both mass market and limited hardback versions), and I’m hoping there’ll be some big news to announce very soon. As ever, watch this space!

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