Vacation, Wedding, and New Book Deals

November 3rd, 2007 • Posted in News |

It’s been a fun couple of weeks. I haven’t got much work done – see below for the reasons – but I’ve had news of a very exciting new book deal. I can’t spill the beans just yet, but once the contract has been signed I’ll be able to tell you what it’s all about. Suffice to say, it’s one of the most exciting deals I’ve signed in years.

Last weekend my good friend Richard got married to the very lovely Anne Marie. Another lifelong friend, Gareth, and I, were Best Men. The wedding was in Salisbury at the Red Lion Hotel, and from start to finish it was a day to remember. There were songs, poems, jokes, a Dalek, visual props at out Best Men’s speech, kilts, Ringwood ale (lots of), fine wines (lots of), and some of the most stunning food I’ve ever had at a wedding. Then later, more beer, travels around Salisbury until we came across the Haunch of Venison, a splendid little pub serving good beer, where we spent several fun hours getting steadily more drunk. Back to the hotel then, for a packed supper bag and some more drinks until we found our way, somehow, back to where we were crashing. Wonderful.

Next day … well, the wedding went on and one. We all drove to London for the big wedding bash. First, a bubbly bus tour around the London sights, then back to the Brewers Inn for the party to end all parties. Gareth’s band – the GTFBI band (Get The Fuckin’ Beers In) provided the Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rich serenaded Anne Marie with a Chas ‘N’ Dave number, the hog roast was to die for, as was the pie. Bombadeer ale here, which was splendid, then Tracey and I took the long walk home. And we didn’t even get lost.

Back on Sunday, then on Monday my family and I went off to Center Parcs for five days. The little hooligans had a great time, and while not physically relaxing, we chilled and had a fine family time (interspersed, I admit, with a few phone calls back and forth to my agent). Swimming, cycling, drinking and eating … lots and lots of fun.

Back home now. Many new books to write … and though I’ve had a wonderful ten days, I’m itching to get back to work.

More soon!


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