UFO’s, monsters, and squeamish horror writers

June 22nd, 2008 • Posted in News |

Spent an enjoyable day yesterday at the Univerity of Glamorgan where they held a day dedicated to all things Fantastic. I met up with a load of old friends and made some new ones, bought and sold some books, then rounded off with an excellent Chinese meal with Steve Volk and his friend Piers, a fascinating and charming Space Historian. Hats off to Louise from Academi who organised the whole shebang – it was fantastic! Same time next year!

Before the meal we had a walk around Llandaff Cathedral, who I noticed are launching an appeal for £1,500,000. Hmm, I thought, starting a school-building project in Africa? Perhaps sending aid to Burma? But no. They want a new organ. £1.5m. There’s lots I should say but … words fail me.

This morning at breakast, my daughter’s tooth fell out into her scrambled egg. Me, I’m a hard horror writer … and I almost fainted. Yeah, bet that shatters your illusions of me, eh?

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