Trucks, Cars and Guns

May 23rd, 2008 • Posted in News |

Maybe it’s because I’m a Brit that I just don’t get this. The comment that gave me real pause was, “We’re just damn glad to live in a free country where you can have a gun if you want to.”

So surely there should be a grading system of some sort here? You buy a little 2-seater sports number, and you get a hand gun. Family sized car, an automatic. Road-shagging SUV, it’s a Kalashnikov. And a Hummer? Surely that would come with a tactical nuclear weapon.

Here, if you buy a second-hand car you usually get footwell mats and 3 months parts and labour warranty, if you’re lucky.

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One comment on “Trucks, Cars and Guns”

  1. C. Dennis Moore says:

    It WOULD be in Missouri. Just so you know, we’re not all rednecks here. A lot of us, I’ll give you that, but not all.

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