Time being eaten

May 10th, 2005 • Posted in News |

I can’t afford to lose time. I have the deadlines of a busy full-time writer, and I’m only writing part-time at the moment (as well as evenings, weekends etc etc etc). So when we decided to have our kitchen refitted, I wasn’t prepared for the disruption.

Nightmare. I’ve spent two weeks doing hardly anything, where what I should have been doing is plunging into DAWN, the sequel to DUSK. The guys doing the kitchen were very good, quiet, neat and tidy, but it’s just impossible to sit in my study – next door to the fucking kitchen! – and concentrate whilst listening to Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ for the fifth time that day on the Classic Gold station the guys were listening to, which was very good as radio stations go but which had only about 18 songs to choose from, seventeen of which appear on every single ‘Best Rock Album’ compilation ever, you know what I mean, Finsished with my woman cos there’s smoke on the water and I’m free as a bird now seven seas of rhye.

Anyway. They’ve finished. Gone. And I’m back. Looking at my deadlines, holding my head in my hands … and crying.


Something that doesn’t make me cry is the signing tour I’m doing next year in the USA. DUSK is out from Bantam next February, and BERSERK from Leisure in January, so I’ll be doing a signing tour of several major American cities. Watch this space for more news as and when the plan comes together!

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