The Nature of Balance

February 21st, 2001 • Posted in News |

My new novel THE NATURE OF BALANCE will be released very soon by Imaginary Worlds. It will appear as a signed limited edition hardback, only 321 copies at $40/£25, six months before its paperback release. If you want to reserve your copy drop me an email at

The book is my first full-length novel, almost 100,000 words, and it’s a big scale, wide-ranging apocalyptic horror: magical; shocking; and, I hope, ultimately uplifting.

One morning the world does not wake up … millions lie dead in their beds, victims of their own realised dreams of falling … there are some survivors, but the world they emerge into is changing rapidly. Humanity is no longer the dominant species. Now, Nature has the upper hand.

Simon Clark called it: “Dark poetry for the soul.”

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