The Last Storm

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A gripping road trip through post-apocalyptic America.

Struck by famine and drought, large swathes of North America are now known as the Desert. Set against this mythic and vast backdrop, The Last Storm is a timely story of a family of Rainmakers whose rare and arcane gift has become a curse.

A new novel from Tim due out July 2022 from Titan Books, you can pre-order now from Amazon UK or Amazon US

Over at Ginger Nuts of Horror you can read an exclusive extract from the novel, as well as an article detailing the writing of the novel.

Jesse stopped rainmaking the moment his abilities turned deadly, bringing down not just rain but scorpions, strange snakes and spiders. He thought he could help a land suffering from climate catastrophe, but he was wrong. When his daughter Ash inherited the tainted gift carried down the family bloodline, Jesse did his best to stop her. His attempt went tragically wrong, and ever since then he has believed himself responsible for his daughter’s death.

But now his wife Karina––who never gave up looking for their daughter—brings news that Ash is still alive. And she’s rainmaking again. Terrified of what she might bring down upon the desperate communities of the Desert, the estranged couple set out across the desolate landscape to find her. But Jesse and Karina are not the only ones looking for Ash. As the storms she conjures become more violent and deadly, some follow her seeking hope. And one is hungry for revenge.

No More Heroes, an anthology of stories inspired by artists who have left us too soon, is available now from PS Publishing. This features the story “Renegade” by Tim, about Phil Lynott. Available in Hardcover and a signed limited edition.

Also due from PS Publishing next year is a new short story collection, and Without Walls a collaboration between Tim and artist Daniele Serra.

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