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August 8th, 2005 • Posted in News |

I’m really, insanely busy. Got a novel deadline of December for DAWN, a novella to finish by the end of this month, a short story collection to deliver to Cemetery Dance, a screenplay to read and comment on, a book to blurb, and I’m working on a film project that just came up too. All this and it’s the summer holidays from school, and Ellie is home for much of the time. That’s nice – we went for a long walk this morning and had a picnic near our local canal, watching the dragon flies and herons and buzzards look for their own lunch – but it also takes away a bit of precious writing time.

I’m a bit manic right now. I panic over deadlines, berate myself for surfing the net, write in the evenings when I should be relaxing with my wife. It can’t go on forever, and it won’t, but sometimes being so busy makes you realise how nice it is to take a break.

Last Saturday my sister came around to stay. We drank some wine and watched a dvd, and midnight found us lying out on our patio staring up at the stars. I live out in the country, so the light pollution here is minimal. The night was spectacular. We could make out some of the major constellations and see the blur of the Milky Way, and as we were lying there finishing our wine we saw two shooting stars.

Sometimes, stepping back from the world and taking it easy reveals what an amazing place it is.

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