So not into sport

June 24th, 2004 • Posted in News |

I enjoy football about as much as I enjoy getting sunburn. But I do like a good joke:

David Beckham is the official voice of the current football tournament, because he comes over the PA so well.


Anyway, it’s been a good week. On Tuesday I typed THE END on my new novel, DESOLATION. Still have an intensive month of editing, revisions and rewriting before delivering to Leisure and Borderlands Press, but just getting that far was a huge thrill, and something of a relief. It’s been a good start to my part-time writing … the bulk of that novel was written in less than three months. Did a couple of short stories and a movie treatment in that time as well, so it’s three months well spent.

So what did I do to celebrate? Well, I’m my own boss now … for half the week, at least … so I went up the pub for a couple of pints of Abbott Ale, some grub, and an hour reading Peter Straub’s incredible ‘lost boy lost girl’. What a life!

The same day, a box of contributor copies of NIGHT VISIONS 11 arrived. Bloody hell …. I had to sit down and have a good look at that cover, just making sure my name really was on it. Night Visions! Fuck sake. But yes, I’m in there, along with the brilliant Kim Newman and Lucius Sheperd. Nice one!

AND AGAIN on the same day, I had a very hopeful email about another project which I’m not even going to begin talking about here yet. If it happens, believe me, it’ll be posted all across my website. So as ever … WATCH THIS SPACE!

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