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Well I’ve now only got one poorly child, and he’s getting better. Being 18 months old must be hard for him – all that sleeping and eating he has to do. Bless. Trouble is he decides to wake up at 5am every morning … those bags under my eyes are getting bigger.

I’m working hard on my new novel BERSERK, and hope to finish it in first draft in the next 2 weeks. After that some intensive re-writing, and very soon I’ll be able to announce an exciting limited hardback contract for this book! It’ll be a fun project and I can’t wait to announce it. There’ll also be an extract going up on my site at the same time.

BERSERK is perhaps the most exciting, fast-paced novel I’ve ever written. It all takes place over the space of 48 hours, and is a chase novel virtually from start to finish. It’s pretty horrific too … and hopefully moving and involving as well. I like it! Which is a good job, because I’m writing it.

There’s another announcement coming soon. I can’t say any more just yet. Suffice to say … it’s one that still has me floating around the house whenever I think about it.

I’m also working on my next short story collection, UNNECESSARY EVILS, which Cemetery Dance will be publishing next year. I’m finishing up some original fiction and story notes, and I’m hoping to get an introduction by a big writer. I’m really excited about this book as it collects my best short fiction from the past few years, and some new pieces which I’m VERY pleased with. More news on this book soon.

I’m also writing a short novel next year concerning the apocalypse, rampaging mutants, and real ale. I’m enjoying the research so far! Can’t announce this officially yet as the contracts aren’t signed, but as soon as they are I’ll talk about it some more.

Have you seen the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake? Stunning! I thought it one of the best horror movies for quite some time, even though it was a remake. Refreshingly well acted and directed. And an opening ten minutes that will leave you breathless.

Right, back to the writing. Check by here again soon for some more major announcements! And have a geat Christmas.

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