Rage in Eden – Blog tour week 2

April 18th, 2020 • Posted in News |

The blog tour finished yesterday so here is a round up of links for the tour

Day 5 gave us an interview at SciFi Bulletin looking at the initial idea and backstory for the novel, while over at The SciFi Chick there was an essay about Natural Horror.

Day 6 had an excerpt from the novel at mall3tg1rl while at Novel Lives there is an article about bringing Eden to life.

Day 7 stopped off at Kendall Reviews, where Tim was asked to pick 8 books to read during a shift at a cemetery (really), along with 1 album (surely it should be 8 albums and 1 book, but I don’t set the rules). Meanwhile at The Writerly Way there is a lengthy review of the novel.

Day 8 had a review over at Looking Glass Reads

Day 9 gave us another review at Angel Wings and Petticoats and an interview with The Fumious Consortium.

Finally Day 10 brought with it a review at Libri Draconis, along with a look at the writing process and a review at Beauty in Ruins.

As a bonus for staying with us this far there is also an interview with The Horror Tree.

The release date for the UK Paperback has been pushed back to June 15th, but the ebook is out now. For ordering details head to the book page here.

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